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I went into STATE & UNION store. A lady was arranging some shoe boxes with her back to me.  She said, “Oh, you scared me!”That’s how our conversation started.  Her name is Roberta.  I liked her effortless chic style and how good she looked at her age.  So I asked if I could take her picture for my project.  She showed me a picture of herself when she was young.  She looked great in the black and white photo.  But I think she also looks great now!  My feeling is no matter what age you are, there is a special beauty there.  My joy is to find and photograph it to keep forever!

I have lived in Kennett square almost 5 years. This is a small town, but full of interesting, cool people.
Suzie is one of my favorite people. She is a wardrobe stylist from Suzie Gaffney wardrobe consulting.
When I stepped in her newly finished stylish closet, I immediately fell in love with it. It represents her style very well.Here is my interview with her.




how did you start your business?

I worked for years in a boutique and heard countless customers complain about how they didn’t even know what was in their closet or how to put it together. They were shopping aimlessly and felt frustrated. I knew I could help. One day I put my business plan down on paper and got to work and sketching out what a service based consulting could offer. Then I ordered business cards, created the website and started one client at a time.

What’s your styling philosophy?

Dress your outside to match who you are on the inside.


What’s the process ?

I start with a full audit of the client’s wardrobe, piece by piece. From there together we edit out what is not working, discussing why during the process. Clothes are put back in an organized and efficient system that works for the client.Then we put together outfits based on the client’s needs and lifestyle. Going forward we create a shopping list to fill in the gaps. The process is collaborative and educational, and fun!

What are the top 5 must have items for everyday fashion?

*A tailored black blazer – goes with everything from dresses to t-shirts.
*A great white shirt (preferably a t-shirt and an oxford shirt) that can be dressed up or down.
*Well fitting denim in a cut that flatters your shape.
*A go-to dress that you can throw on and run out the door, depending on your personality this could be anything from a flower print shirt dress to a navy sheath.
*A classic denim jacket with stretch.


Could you share one tip for keeping your closet organized?

One in one out. If you buy something new (shoes, a sweater, even socks) make sure to get rid of something that is no longer provided a use in your wardrobe. Sticking to this rule keeps you from drowning in too much stuff.

Tracy is my best friend. We met two years ago. We feel like we should have met earlier. We have the same taste about clothes. When we go to the store we pick the same clothes at the same time! It’s a lot of fun to go shopping with her. She has a great personality and we can talk the whole day and never get bored.



She just had a baby girl this year and life is different now that she has two kids. She is a perfectionist so her career and her family are a source of pressure. I saw the tiredness on her face, but with happiness as the same time. I had a photo session with her baby girl a couple of times. Her boy and girl are always the center of her life..


I wanted to give her a photo session to pamper herself, but she told me, “NO,NO, NO!   I can’t take pictures like this! I need  to lose  more weight!  I don’t have clothes that fit!   I look tired!”
She had lots of excuses. but finally I dragged her before my camera.  It was  a quick shoot, because she didn’t have too much time. I chose the dress from her wardrobe and we matched it with jewelry.  We had so much fun and we were laughing.   It was  like playing dress up. When I showed the pictures from my camera screen to her, she was shocked.  She couldn’t believe she could be this beautiful!!! After the shoot, she was still in an excited mood and  she loved to look at all the pictures that I took. She IS beautiful both inside and out, and she needed to rediscover that fact. She needed to give herself a break, and pamper herself with the beautiful pictures that she deserved.


I love you my dear friend!

This is Norma. She is retired and volunteers as an ESL tutor in library.


How long have you lived in KSQ?
 I have lived here all my life.

What do you like about life in KSQ?
To answer your question. I will quote –Ami Mckay
” No Matter what you do , someone always knew you would.”

How does KSQ compare to other places
you have lived or worked?
I have lived in Sydney Australia, London England, and KSQ is cheaper.

If you could change anything here what would you change?
I would turn off the fire department’s alarm.

My love of Body Pump started with a conversation with my dear friend Mary. One day I asked her how she got her fabulously toned arms, and she exclaimed, “Body Pump!” From that day on I started taking her class. She always smiles when she’s teaching, and has amazing energy. I asked her to be a part of my project and share her story.

(Mary Lai is a certified instructor of Body Pump, Zumba, Sh’Bam, Body Vive, and Body Combat. She is also a nationally certified personal trainer.)


How long have you been a Body Pump instructor?

It’ll be 10 years come this January!

How  did you become a Body Pump instructor?

Well I was about to turn 40.  At first I was dreading it, but then I decided that instead of feeling negative I should mark this milestone with a new challenge.  At that time I had been taking Body Pump classes for about a year and was hooked on how empowering it made me feel, both physically and mentally. So I took the plunge and signed up for the certification training, and the rest is history.

What did you do before becoming a Body Pump instructor?

I worked in the IT field for many years.  My days used to revolve around sitting in my office and in meeting rooms all day, but now they’re filled with action and high spirits and fun!  My journey into the fitness industry has led me to all sorts of certifications, and I get to share my fitness expertise every day with others so that I can be a positive impact in their fitness journeys.

m2Love your big smile, how do you keep your good energy up all day?

I try to take care of myself by leading a healthy lifestyle.  And I always give my clients and my classes my all.  I know that sometimes it’s the only time in their busy day that’s devoted just for themselves, so I want to give them all my effort.

You had breast cancer a couple of years ago. What one advice do you want to give to women?

Take care of yourself.  It doesn’t guarantee that unexpected health issues won’t happen, but you’ll be able to bounce back much more easily if it does.  Because I was in good physical shape, I was able to recover from the surgeries and chemo treatments relatively quickly.  I am grateful for my good health every day!

Let’s meet Bridget, she is the owner of  other people’s trash vintage clothing,  a fashion blogger , Assistant  buyer for Urban Outfitters.

It’s a beautiful sunny day when we went out for the photoshoot. I was waiting for her
outside her apartment
. She came out with this Vintage Lord and Taylor flowing floral dress. It’s such a beautiful moment!


Where is the name “other people’s trash vintage” come from?

The name of my store really came from the name of my blog. When thinking of a name for my blog I thought about the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Vintage clothing, although very beautiful and delicate, is essentially trash in the respect that it is something that its owner no longer wants and is disposed of by that person. It becomes treasure to its new owner who finds an appreciation for it.

Where do you find all the vintage clothes that you sell?

I never thrift and tell.

What is your favorite era of fashion and why?

I really love the glamour and rebellion of the 1920s but I also love the color and textiles of the 1960s. I would love to go to a party hosted by Jay Gatsby and Don Draper!



Could you offer people one tip for how to style vintage clothing?

Mix and match vintage pieces with modern day looks to avoid looking too costume-y. Accessorize with confidence.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I do not find inspiration from one source but rather from all around me. It could be a person, place, or thing that catches my eye and is memorable. Always keep your eyes open! I like to use a mood board near my closet to group together images and ideas for outfits and styling.